Please join our next Month-long Online Intensive starting July 9th.

This will be our 9th Monthlong Online Intensive!

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The Energy Collective is a community of sincere practitioners working together through online and in-person classes, workshops, and Month-long Intensives.

The practices utilized in the Energy Collective are rooted in Zhan Zhuang, Non-Directed Body Movement, and Zazen meditation.  

When the pandemic hit, a couple of people familiar with my blog requested that I lead some classes to help people either discover or keep their practice going while not able to go to meditation centers or qigong classes. As I’d already been teaching a few in person workshops over the years, having discovered some unique insights doing energetic embodiment work in a zen monastery in my twenties in Japan, I decided to begin a bi-weekly class focused around helping people develop their practice and explore their internal world.

These classes blossomed into six weekly times. The online venue proved to be surprisingly effective, with people joining in from all over the globe.

We did a couple of very successful mini-retreats, and then in October of 2020 we had our first month-long Online Intensive.

It is shocking how well the classes come through online. One would think that we would feel disconnected but this is far from the truth. The energy comes through, and we all benefit from the collective focus.

“Hello all. I joined Corey’s group for about a year ago. This work has had great impact on the quality of my meditation and perhaps more importantly given me a completely new outlook and experience of life — a source of healing and discovery.

Corey’s experience and ability to connect with his students is both powerful and deeply supportive, I don’t feel it’s an understatement to say that participating in his classes or attending a month-long intensive can be life-altering. It has been so for me.

I came to the group in late august 2020, my experience with zen meditation in the stages somewhere between beginner and intermediary, I’ve read and heard about concepts such as Ki or Tanden or Hara etc and had some glimpses of it say during retreat but didn’t really catch on to what was meant.

As I progressed into the year with these classes these points started to open up to me in a very real and tangible way, and it has made such a big difference in, well, everything.

Getting into a process of knowing this energy in a more intimate way I’ve also noticed I easier slip into samadhi during sitting, but not just that, a sense of well being in daily life, a shift in how I deal with myself and others, and that is no small thing.

You would also, upon joining, take part in an incredibly warm and insightful fellowship of practicioners, coming from a vast spectrum of different traditions and disciplines, some with decade’s worth of experience, all contributing to a very sincere and supportive atmosphere.

It has been such a rewarding process and I feel as if I’ve been given access to something precious and ineffable thanks to Corey and the efforts of this group. Thank you.”

M.A. from Norway

“Took up ZZ and NDBM classes with Corey Hess about a year ago and have been practicing with him since. This is a continuation of Zazen (Meditation) practice, which might be described as an attempt to get in touch with.. ‘this life energy’..’to get in touch with that which we truly are’. The classes themselves have proved to be wonderful, open and supportive spaces to continue this exploration. Corey’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment to this process infuse the classes, creating a vibrant and nurturing environment. The support, openness and honesty of those who attend is a feature of the classes and is a blessing. With Gratitude.” J.L., Dublin Ireland