Actually I’m not interested in concepts or talking about awakening, or states of mind.  What really interests me, if I’m honest, is seeing you move from a place in which I feel the whole universe shake.  

I’m interested in watching you move your hand and feeling my whole being erupt.  

I don’t know what you are. I don’t know what you are doing. I’m a fool, no idea what is going on, feeling the vein of all of creation.

I am weeping and laughing and not on the edge of experience, but deep into the marrow of what is happening. I can’t step outside of myself, as there is only lightning flashing.  

I am breathing. There is no inside or outside. There is only love shining. Love giving. Love spreading. Love meeting and melting each thing that happens.  

I’m not looking for perfection or holiness. I’m looking for someone to laugh and giggle with me, walking around, an idiot being plowed, being obliterated by this great life energy. A clown of Grace, with nowhere to go.

I saw you move!  I believe in everything! I see your stillness, feel that beauty pulsing…

In this fire of light, people will never know of the intensity. I’ll meet you in the center of the universe. I’ll be the blade of grass being blown by the heavens.


Big Hugs to you all!