Doing internal energy work throughout the day can be really simple.  We can ask ourselves, “How is my body trying to fully express itself energetically right now?”

Our bodies are like kinked hoses, and we are kinked where we are mentally and emotionally stuck.  Allowing the body to fully express this energy means learning to un-kink the hose.  This takes attention and honesty, and a choice to really look at ourselves.

If we listen, we can sense that our bodies have a type of internal momentum, at all times, opening us up, trying to fully expand our bodies.  Our jobs are to get out of its way, not guide it, but allow it to express itself fully through our bodies.  It will often open us up in a counter-intuitive way, but it is not necessary to mentally understand the process. And slowly through letting go into it, seeing the relief it brings, we gain great faith in life.

Taking some time to stand or sit still with no agenda is a good start.  Just allowing the energy of the body to fully express itself.  With this simple practice, our bodies heal, our emotional world settles, we forget our troubled minds.  We naturally shine for no reason.