Cultivating and feeling the Tanden (Lower Dantien) takes a long time.

At first, it can show up here and there as an interesting flutter, or some heat maybe in the center of the belly below the navel or in the lower back. Later it’s like seeing something out of the corner of your eye, and all day long you are gently checking in with it. 

How is it showing up? How is it there, how can I connect? And as I move, raising my arms, how can I stay soft and stay in that neutral, find the tanden, allow the body to emerge out of it. 

All day long curious, not forcing, not too eager, looking at it too closely, and it disappears, peering at it too hard it eludes us. 

And over time we find this beyond the veil way of connecting over and over there. It is unmistakable, a great transformation begins to happen. 

And that giving ourselves to this unknown gives us faith in this process beyond reason, beyond understanding, and there we are, existing in space, buoyant, magical.

Gradually our way of being shifts more and more from this mental linear controlled way of being into this unknown buoyancy being held by the environment around us, by life. Life informs us, fills us up, the universe is holding us.

We are moved by things, but not moved around by them. We are melting into reality, but not a slave to it.  We receive life in this fresh way.  And that way of being helps everyone around us.