It can be extremely helpful if someone acknowledges what we’ve been experiencing in our own internal process or we happen to read or hear someone talk about something which we’ve been experiencing, but no one else seems to understand. It can be a lifesaver. Or at least reading or hearing them talk about some of their internal process helps us to spark some curiosity which we can then go and explore in our own body-mind. That would be my pattern. I’d Go read Cheng Man Ching or Kazuo Ohno or Han shan for 20 minutes and then go explore for an hour in the garden. Or even carrying the book around a little in my hand (Ha!), would give me a little hit, a spark, which I’d go out inspired and try to feel it internally.

I get lots of emails and messages thanking me for my blog, and that keeps me going with it. Thanks to all of you who get something out of it, or who it nudges to go further, or lights a spark in you which can’t be ignored. It helps me to keep diving into and trying to express something true.IMG_6187 (1)