Just now in class, at the end with the non-directed standing, I try to let go of my intentions. I try to let go of that “fix-it” head. I try to feel the actual present reality. What is happening??

And my head moves forward on my neck, bobbling over the edge. A little voice says, “That’s wrong! You can’t hold your head that way. Put it back! The energy flows through good posture!”
But I don’t put it back. I trust it. Trust my body. Trust the moment. Trust reality to guide me.

And I stay there for a few moments, and the rest of my body comes alive. It is like a switch has been pulled. All of the engines turn on. My body seals, fills up to my finger tips and toes with life force. And my neck slowly opens in an indescribable way. My head drifts back, relaxed, connected, harmonious, organic. I have not done it. My body has just found nature, found harmony, with its innate wisdom. It’s not even about me. It is the present reality harmonizing itself.

And the funny thing is, my head may have never moved. This might have all just been on the internal level.