Saturday, December 12th 8AM – 12 PM PST VIA ZOOM

$60 ($30 for Energy Collective Members)

This Mini retreat will give attendees the opportunity to explore their Internal Process. Discovering and engaging in this process can help with pain relief, provides an internal sensory language, and will offer tools for attendees to continue exploring on their own. Opening up the energy in our bodies is a unique process for everyone.

Practices will include: Zhan Zhuang, Zazen, Qigong, Non-directed Body Movement, Joint Mobilization, Exploration through walking, etc.

Also, in this class, techniques for joint pain and stabilizing of the core will also be addressed.

We will have time for discussion and sharing, questions and dialogue.

We will dive deeper into concepts of the Tanden (Lower Dantien) and Internal Alchemy, as well as how to work with these techniques in daily life.

This retreat will be light hearted and informal. Please bring your honesty and curiosity.

Materials needed: A meditation cushion or chair, free space to move, loose fitting clothing, a Journal to keep notes, water bottle.

Click here to register! Contact me if you need financial assistance. Thanks!