Last month we organized an online intensive group. It went so well, I started to think about this idea of a group to keep the spirit of the October Intensive going. It was magical to see people changing and to hear how people were feeling supported as a group. It was kind of shocking to me how well the rooms went. It felt like a wave of collective energy.

Thinking about how to keep that spirit going, I remembered the feeling when I first visited Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery on Whidbey Island. It was a place to heal and be supported. It was one of the first times I felt seen. I saw possibilities. And then when I went to Sogenji to train, I remembered feeling that Tahoma could one day be better maybe even than Sogenji. Where Sogenji was kind of a battle ground, Tahoma could be a place to go and heal and grow. I had great hopes for Tahoma.

Then last month, participating in the October Intensive, I saw that a group of people could feel supported and grow, dive into their internal process, feel connected, even while being in different places all over the world.

What I am currently thinking is to have a group of committed people who would like to keep that spirit going, but not as intense as the October Intensive. We’d like to keep the momentum going, and then do another Intensive in January. As far as the framing of that group, well, I would hope that group members will try to attend as many classes as possible, participate in rooms, and add to the group as much as possible via questions, sharing of insights, and discussion. We would have two social hours a month to check in, which I hope people would try to attend. But the most important is a feeling that we are supporting each other. We are working together. We have a community of practitioners. So that means we put the practice as a priority. It’s like a wave we can ride together in collective focus and enthusiasm.

My role would be a spiritual friend and brother. I’d be committed to being available and helpful. I don’t see my role as a teacher or leader. Maybe a facilitator or sempai, although some of you are older than me. I think we need community (Sangha) to support us in our journey. Some of us are just beginning, others are deepening a practice they’ve been at for decades. I think we all can support each other and raise each other up because of that.

Fee: I don’t want this to feel like an extra fee. So the monthly class pass ($120) would be the fee. If you cannot pay that, then we will work it out. Please email me for information.