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Painting By Bob Schrei, Cofounder of SourcePoint Therapy® and one of my main mentors.

In this post I will describe a bit about one aspect of my work I don’t talk about much, the distance healing sessions. Many of my readers probably have no idea that I do this type of work, but it is one of the hats I wear. Although I learned distance sessions in a beautiful healing modality called SourcePoint Therapy Training years ago, I had to get serious about the distance sessions when the pandemic hit, as I could no longer see clients in my office to help them with injuries, pain in the body, posture, vitality, etc. At first I was skeptical about this type of work, as I am a hands on person. I like things simple and direct, rubber hits the road…

What I found pretty quickly doing distant sessions, is that they are often strangely more direct than the in-person sessions. They are tangible, accurate, almost objective. I am interacting with the person in a very real way. It’s not an idea or a fantasy. The distance sessions often seem to go deeper on emotional levels than normal in-person healing sessions. The sessions are alive. I am interacting in a simple way, and it feels very direct partly because I do not deal with the personality of the person as I work, just their system.

Addressing the body, addressing individual people, is always mysterious and changing. Doing these sessions, I have lots of tools to address what I discover blocking the person. Sometimes the sessions are more physical, sometimes profoundly emotional, and other times older and deeper issues are addressed. At times things come through to me about the person, specific helpful things about them. Sometimes images or a strong feeling of what they need, or how they need to use their body better. I can often get a sense of where the person is and where they’re going, get a sense of their vitality, and I feel into how to open the gates of the body. Part of why I feel quite confident in this mysterious process is that I spent years of my life in Japan doing energy work, interacting with traditional Zen koans, and so my body/awareness has confidence in getting out of the way for wisdom to shine through.

These sessions are beneficial for physical, emotional, and karmic issues, as well as whole system support. With this work, we are orienting the body towards its natural health and vitality. Focusing on health, not problems or disease or pathology, allowing health to manifest.

The format for distance sessions is simple: The client and I agree on a time for the session to occur, and get permission to work. I write them a quick message to let them know I am beginning. Or we can talk on Zoom for ten minutes or so beforehand, discussing the client’s current concerns. All the client is asked to do is hang out in a quiet, comfortable space while the session is occurring. Immediately after the session, I write the client an email telling them what I found and felt during the session. The whole thing lasts about 45 minutes. Then, only if they like, the client writes back with their feedback.

In a session, I put a photo of the person in front of me, and begin to work. I am not imagining them, rather it becomes immediately clear that I am interacting with their system. The feeling of the room and the energetic field (Ba in Japanese) shifts to the particular flavor (kyogai in Japanese) of that person. So, I begin to sense in and dialogue with that energetic signature. I feel their body/energy and recognize where it is blocked. So, just for example, say I feel a blockage of some kind in their lower back. I hold their lower back in my hands and wait until I feel it begin to open. How I know it opens is when I feel that signature flavor change and open, and so I’m interacting with it as I work. I get palpable feedback, and I have learned to trust that interacting. When that part organizes, it feels resolved. Then with my tools I move on to the next place and something else begins to open. It is a bit like peeling an onion, or unkinking a hose.

I find a lot of freedom in the fascinating distance sessions because I can hang out on certain points for a long time. No one is there watching me. I can just observe the field align, watch it blow up like a balloon. In this medium I can be extremely patient. Often we function in life at quite a fast pace. But the energy of the body, the system self-organizing, is often extremely slow. It needs time to unfurl, like throwing a boomerang around a huge filed. It’s a wide circumference. You connect with one place and it can be like a master key which unlocks the rest of the body. Or it can be kind of like central air. You turn it on and all of the vents open. Ha!

The distance sessions really work for some people and for others they are less interesting. For the right person they can be drastically effective. I’ve worked with people in hospice transitioning to death. I’ve worked with just normal folks with injuries, and people with serious autoimmune issues. I have worked with people all over the world, in Japan, Russia, England, Europe, Sri Lanka, China, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the U.S.

I have great faith that the body and entire being is always trying to heal and self organize (through what is called a blueprint) if given the chance. So my job is assisting that inherent ability to heal and be whole. Lately, many of my sessions are with serious spiritual practitioners who want a bit of help opening further in their process.

In truth, we all have to discover our own way of interacting with life, and with our unique process. My way of working will be different than another practitioner, just as in zazen we all find our own way. The distance sessions require us to suspend our disbelief, get on board, get out of the way, and when we do that often pretty magical things happen.

Responses I have had so far include:

“Hey!!! So I wanted to let you know that the energy session was really amazing! Wow! So I didn’t feel much WHILE it was going on, I was just chillin on my bed, but later in the day started noticing that I felt a lot more at ease in my body, more fluid, like things had really loosened up and unwound! Wow!  The other surprising and interesting side effect I noticed, which I am still noticing today, is that I feel taller! Like I noticed it in the shower—wow! I feel so tall for some reason! And kept noticing it…just maybe standing taller? Or my energy stretched upwards? Not sure but enjoying the view from up here! I actually felt like it worked better than my hour long massages for loosening up and rebalancing my body…”

–“Something really shifted for me after that session. Later that day I had a simple but clear satori. Thank you so much.

–“My right ear drained and that provided immediate relief. You nailed it Merlin.”

–“I feel cleared in my energy, very rested. I’ve been a little short-winded lately and my breathing seems easier. This is a wonderful gift you have, thank you for sharing it with me.”

–“Everything seems more fluid and easy! Which I know you gathered, it wasn’t! Yes, my body was locked, but I feel as though I can maneuver in a way that actually feels good. Yes, let’s setup another time, very soon.”

Thanks for reading. Please share this with anyone who might find it useful, and please contact me with questions.

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