Dharma Gates is a new non-profit with the Mission to bring younger people into serious practice. They have asked me to do a mini-workshop Saturday, May 1st 2:00-4pm EST. Here are the details below from their website:

About the Event:

This event is donation-based, will be held over Zoom, and is open to participants of all ages.

Please join Corey Hess to discuss touching the source of our awareness. Bring your questions and concerns about the physical and internal alchemy aspects of practice, what it is like to practice in the energetic oven of a Japanese Rinzai Zen monastery, as well as the long process of integrating that practice into life. Corey will also lead a short practice in Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation), which he has found especially potent in opening up the body for zazen (seated meditation in the Zen tradition), as well as zazen in action. This event is suitable for beginner’s

About Corey:

“After spending my twenties doing intense internal healing and embodiment work in Japan, I came back to the States with unique insights to share about healing, pain, meditation, and internal energetic process. After fifteen years ripening and learning to communicate these insights through hands on touch therapy, teaching movement, and discussion, I now offer classes, workshops and private sessions, including classes in Qigong, Zhan Zhuang, non-directed body movement, and meditation instruction. I also run The Energy Collective, an online group of committed practitioners. “ – Corey

From Dharma Gates: “A number of our good friends have been greatly inspired by Corey’s background and teaching style. Having spent much of his twenties training at Sogenji, a Rinzai Zen Monastery in Japan, Corey has spent his time since then “ripening and learning to communicate [his] insights through hands on touch therapy, teaching movement, and discussion.” He’s become a skilled instructor and guide in the energetic practices of Qigong, Zhan Zhuang, non-directed body movement. 

In this session, we’ll have the opportunity to practice these modalities, learn a bit more about their role in integration and healing, and have a discussion with Corey about meditation, Zen training, and whatever else would be helpful. “

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