What are we all doing here? Let’s have the weekend be about that. What do we really care about?  Who are we? 

Taking some time, a good chunk of time these days of the retreat to honestly feel into our most basic, most sincere questions.

What do you want?  I mean, right here, what is happening?  This field of what I think I am, how is it in space right now? How do I feel?  What do I feel? Where does my body begin and end? Is that barrier real?

My most honest inquiry, how does it show up for me?

My fears, my sadness, my anger, how are they intimately tied to something bigger?

How is being incredibly honest open the gate to something bigger, something more connected?  Something not tied to a particular state of mind? 

Is there a way for you to use this weekend to find what is essential in your experience, and allow it to guide you into a more unified light of experience. 

I’m not talking about just practicing hard. Or pushing ourselves. I’m not talking about going anywhere else we need to return from, or that we’ll need a break from. I’m not talking about isolating our experience to special times of practice.

I’m talking about learning to trust our experience, trust our most intimate life as the gateway.

Again, I think using all of the twenty-four hours of the day in this exploration is what is important. No need to cling to ideas.

No need to deny our minds or our experience.

Open up all of our senses and find the faith in our unborn, pure mind. 

I hope you’ll touch the love which blossoms out of this place of holding on to nothing at all, be reborn, and allow it to mold you into a new way of interacting with life. 

And I hope it changes your whole life and all of your relationships. 

Thank you all so much. I feel so grateful to practice with you all and share in this experience.  It’s all very emotional for me…

I’d like to thank my wife Teresa for supporting this project, this group, and sharing her life with me. She is a true Goddess and my muse in all of this. She is helping me learn to truly let this love through.

*Written from the airport waiting all day to fly on a red eye to Asheville, with maybe a bit too much caffeine in my system


All of my Goddess ladies went to Disneyland while I went to the retreat!