What I’m trying to get us to do in our practice, in our physical practice, is to go to this place of unknown. This unknown is most likely uncomfortable. And encountering it we really don’t know what to do. We’re kind of lost. We hit an impasse. And at that point we can either check out, avoid what is happening, drift into a stream of thoughts, or we can face what is happening and feel it.

This feeling into what is happening is very difficult at first.  But we see that we have to sincerely face what is happening and let go of control.

At a certain point we see that strange things happen when we nakedly face what is happening.  We see that when we truly feel where we are stuck, the whole system begins to fill up and become buoyant. The whole system lights up. Our whole body changes.

And as we let go into this process over and over, we see that all this is trying to happen. Something else is there. Something beyond understanding. We see that what we thought of our bodies was not quite right. We learn over and over, more and more naturally to connect, to turn on that switch.

Our sense of time changes. Where once we were exhaustively chasing the moment or avoiding it, we find that there is space in the present moment. In fact, the present moment is huge. It frames us, frames out bodies in space. It feels like we can walk around it. We can examine it without rushing. And the more we allow this space, it grows more and more.

And we see how we are, we can be kind of inside of what’s happening. We have been outside of our experience looking in. We can, as the brambles part, there!, we can get inside of reality and engage.  Insights begin to pour through the samadhi of this, through this internal alchemy.

When we have that, when we’ve experienced that, we don’t need to ask anyone else for how it should be. We have our own process, and we then fumble and work with that for a long long time. And that process is self teaching. The sincerity of that process leads to deeper states of mind and in my experience it drives us, with increasing magnetism towards profound experiences and openings.

Thanks for reading! You can do it!

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