We’ve got to at a certain point completely give ourselves to our practice, throw everything into it, all of our doubts, all of our real questions. Put everything into it, every cell, if only one time. For many of us, this process requires an almost superhuman, although forceless, urgency and focus cultivated over a good amount of time. And a venue or training space which allows us the time to let go of all of our preconceived ideas. And in that, if we are honest enough, we will finally touch something True. A Source. This will be something innately true. Inherent. Not based on conditions. We will extend to the heavens while still touching the earth. We will finally hear all of the pots and pans singing in the kitchen. 

And in touching that, our perspective about life will fundamentally change. Everything we do or see or feel will be from the perspective of the great faith we discover when merging with this truth. The lense, the ground through which we experience all of life will be different.  All of our senses will emerge out of this, as this Source. Many of the things we thought were important will no longer be important.  And gifts will emerge from finally intimately touching life.

Before we touch this truth, our practice is mostly based on ideas or strategies to feel better or to change, often with a desperate longing to touch this real Source. After touching this, it will be the base for which we experience life. Our lives will then inevitably be the sharing of this. It will just be what we are, not somewhere to go. We won’t be perfect after that, not at all, but there will be unshakable faith in life, the universe, God, our true nature, etc.  We’ll spend a long time clarifying this, actualizing it, sincerely practicing hard, but this ripening will be a matter of course. In fact, once we’ve touched it, we can’t turn away. This creative process is a big part of what I am trying to usher people to discover in my classes and workshops.  And provide a medium, a venue, a community of support, to creatively give ourselves to this exploration.  

Please touch this! You can do it!