It’s all so exciting. It’s all so mysterious. What is happening?  What is actually happening?… I’m interested in exploring our assumptions. How are our beliefs about what we are experiencing shaping and blocking our experience? Like, I mean, right now, right here, how is our physical and energetic experience of reality delineated by these assumptions. And how can exploring that perceived barrier be a most creative act.  How can we let life in, allow it to come alive, feel what is actually happening, and live from this fresh ever changing place?  When the barriers begin to come down, everything is illuminated.

Here in the room I am in, or outside in the garden.  And in this body I am walking around in.  How certain we are of the tides, how committed to them. And yet they are melting through us. The pots sing in the kitchen, the bird cries in the distance.  Our bodies shatter and are reborn in each moment.  A Grace shines through as we are relinquished.

There is an element of love and fascination which is necessary to work with this. It can’t be work or a chore, but must come from our most personal, most basic questions and intentions. And the inspiration of the process brings the light of movement and clarity. The inspiration, the fascination has a magic to it of transformation. The freshness of interacting with life in real time is a blissful fool’s game, a most intimate life.

A Fool-in-Christ (Pavel Svedomsky, no date, circa late 19th century)