Just to say, what I’m trying to get us to do in this non-directed standing work is to go to this place of unknown, of something uncomfortable. And at that point you really don’t know what to do. You’re kind of lost, and in that, as we feel it without trying to control, at a certain point we see all this is trying to happen. Something else is there. And then we see how I am, I can be kind of inside of what’s happening. I can, as the brambles part there, I can get inside of reality, and engage. And when we have that then we don’t need to ask anyone else for how it should be. We have our own process and we then fumble and work with that for a long long time. And that process is self teaching. That process leads to deeper states of mind and in my experience it drives us towards deeper experiences and realizations.  Reality does not need to be foreign.  We can become naturally intimate with our lives and what is unfolding in the Great Way.