Just a reminder everyone that for many of us, this energetic practice puts in into a very raw place for a while. It can be like you are in the middle of open heart surgery for an extended time. On the table. Not in the waiting room. Not post-op. On the table with the heart open… You can’t get off of the table, can’t sneak away. You have to let the process work itself out. This internal alchemy is a big transformation process. It can’t be done overnight, but must be felt and digested and ripened over time.
I remember when I came home from Japan for a couple of weeks after being there for two years, the Roshi looked at me and said, “Be careful”. I was in the middle of a process, and it was a very delicate time. And I of course was a mess in many of my interactions when I went home.
But this process does normalize and unify and it is so worth it to go through it! You’ll have so much to offer when you have been through it.
Everyone does this differently, has their own process, and I think you all are heroes who have the karma to look at it and honestly face it.
Li Bai