We have to find our own way 

We hear that a lot in practice. But it’s way more than we would have expected.

We really have to be reborn in how we are. 

It’s a path of blind feeling. A zigzag of touching and stopping and fading and regrouping.  

It’s very personal, how we find it

It’s walking through the dark, in the unknown, breathing with our feet, hearing with our eyes, seeing with our ears.  A walking lightbulb…

We know not where we are going, but are compelled to keep absorbing, being penetrated and allowing it to mold us.  

No one can do this for us, and yet we are supported by everything.

We are alone, and also everything is inside of us.

We may feel like aliens in this process at times, disappearing, dissolving, going the other way

We come to function from a world closer to us than sight or hearing or touch.

The rich world of the unknown becomes our true guide.

We have to find our own way.

It’s a long, long process of letting go into this great mystery.

In the mist filled solitary mountain peak, in conversation in the dark crowded tavern, in the gaze between loved ones, silence speaks

Cliffs of Moher on our recent Ireland Retreat