Please Join us for this online program for the month of October.

This Intensive is for practitioners wanting to commit to a month-long program of daily practice. The group will practice together on class days and individuals will agree to practice on their own on other days. This is an opportunity to support each other and hold each other accountable, in the spirit of a sangha during a practice period.

This program will include a class pass for the month. It will also include a private chat group for people in the group to ask questions and discuss practice, as well as two Zoom meetings per month for further discussion. This program might extend if there is interest.

Price: $120.00  Original Price:200.00

Please visit the link here:

Or contact Corey for more information at

Benefits will likely include:

Better posture. More energy and vitality. Better balance. Decreased back pain and stronger core. Better sleep. Increased strength. More ease of movement. Release of tension in the body. Becoming familiar with tension in the body and how to feel energy. Access to the practitioners unique internal process.

This program will include:

-Discussion Topics such as “Moving from the Tanden”, “Exploring the Midline”, “Relating with life”, “The role of Kufu in practice”, “How does Grace come into this practice?”, etc.

-A daily schedule we all commit to, which will include meditation, Zhan Zhuang, Qigong, non-directed body movement, and perhaps a creative aspect to help integrate these practices.

-Two group Zoom meetings during the month to discuss practice and ask questions.

-A Class pass (5 optional classes per week) to all of the Zoom classes for the month of October.

-Access to a group chat forum with other members in the mentorship including Corey (This may end up being a separate private FB group for people who are in the intensives).

Thank you and please visit the link to register.